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Have you been thinking about your eating habits lately? When you read the news, are you confused about what diet you should follow or better yet, how much you should be eating to reach your goals?

I’m pretty sure, like a lot of clients of mine, you don’t like to diet, restrict the foods you love, eat the foods you don’t love or let alone, feel like your starving for any period of time. That is why, for over 10 years I have been working with clients from all over the United States on their nutrition game. I call it a game because it is. It’s a game to try and figure out what your body needs, what you personally need and want, how to best give the right nutrients to your body, but still be able to enjoy those things you love. We also have to figure out how to make life work, because of all of the team players around you, which include your family, friends, and co-workers, who play a key role in what you put in your mouth.

The program I have developed and use with my clients has proven to be not only successful, but long term. My clients spend little time worrying about if they are eating too much or in most cases too little or if the foods they are eating are correct. They do not feel like they need to choose a salad or that they are missing out on a gathering because they are worried about the future outcome of the chocolate cake and pizza eaten. Even better, my clients do not feel like they need starve themselves the next day or week if they had a bad day and went off the deep end.

I start the relationship with all clients through a consultation. The consultation starts with reviewing the information provided to me through the initial client intake, where we learn about your past diet history, personal and family habits, activity level and fitness commitment, short and long term goals and health hurdles that effect daily living. After reviewing this information with you we talk more in depth about my nutrition coaching style and how we can work together to achieve the goals you have, as well as, how we will get there and what it looks like.

One thing I have come to understand over time is that meal plans DO NOT work. Why don’t they work? Well, in short, they don’t work because 99% of people have lives, desires and hectic schedules. To break that down, people can commit to a meal plan short term, they can go to the grocery store, buy the food they need, make the meal required and take it with them when they aren’t home. Long term, well, people don’t make it to the grocery store and have to stop for take out on the way home, their family of four, doesn’t like the same food on the meal plan and making more than one meal every night is exhausting, people like to travel and sometimes get stuck in meetings or find themselves running all over Timbuktu and don’t have a constantly moving fridge or microwave (who likes cold chicken pasta, not me, ***I personally ate cold food for 4 months during my first competition prep because I had to follow a “meal plan” and let me tell you, cold fish on an airplane was not enjoyed, nor was it appreciated by the fellow passengers, lol) anyways, meal plans just don’t work. I personally have a goal when working with each client that during the short or long time they are with me, I want them to learn how to make this a lifetime and lifestyle change that is realistic, reasonable and permanent, no matter the change in circumstances.

I finalize my consultations with asking all clients to log their food for 7 days. So, why do I ask for 7 days? Well, it helps me evaluate the current eating and drinking lifestyle of the client and to be honest, most people are creatures of habit and their weeks look the same, week to week. Clients either follow one of these two trends, they eat more on the week days because they are exposed to more meetings with food, traveling place to place and having to get take out and are more inconsistent with each day of the week and then on the weekend they eat less since because they are home more and have more time to whip up homemade meals. Then, I have the client that finds that they eat less during the week because they are too busy to eat or are actually consistent with their meals and food intake, and then on the weekend they over eat due to gatherings, extra restaurant visits and take in more of the ever so enjoyable dessert and/or alcohol.

So, once I receive the completed 7 day food log from my clients and they have selected one of my two programs, which are the Nutrition Only Program or the Nutrition and Fitness Program, which include everything in the Nutrition Only program plus a workout program that meets your needs, time and abilities, I get working on their program which is usually complete within 1-2 days of the request.

If you’re looking to schedule an appointment with me I am available in person within the Midland Sports Rehab Clinic or via Zoom for both my consults and follow up client appointments. I provide email support for all active clients as well, who may be struggling, have questions or need to check in with me to ensure they are staying on track or are ready for some much-needed changes.

I look forward to working with each client one on one because no two bodies are alike and no program, I offer, is the same. I believe cookie cutter programs fail the individual and create long term bad nutrition habits. Feel free to reach out to me regarding any questions regarding my programs and consultations or you may schedule an appointment via Schedulicity through the Midland Sports Rehab page or call our office at (989) 341-1070 as well. I look forward to meeting you and look forward to assisting you in lifetime changes not temporary results.