Our Team

Dr. Tim Sala, DC, Chiropractor, CSCS

Dr. Tim has been a licensed chiropractor for the past 13 years following his graduation from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.  Before grad school he played one year of baseball on scholarship at Wayne State University before transferring to Michigan State University to obtain his bachelors degree. He was raised in the chiropractic lifestyle being that his father, grandfather, uncle and sister were all chiropractors as well and all graduated from Palmer College. Dr. Tim has been an athlete his entire life and continues to be to this day.  After moving and selling his practice of 10 years, his passion for athletics and for fitness in general lead him to create one of the most unique chiropractic clinics around where he specialized in all things relating to muscle, fitness and athletic recovery techniques. For the past 3 years, his practice was 100% athletes only. He treated everyone from professional NFL football players, professional wrestlers, IFBB pro body builders, powerlifters and everything in between. Dr. Tim plans on bringing his unique skills to Freeland Sports Rehab in hopes to help a wider variety of patients as well as teaching the community that chiropractic is much more than just adjusting the spine. Dr. Tim is an avid weightlifter and hopes to help teach the local youth how chiropractic is essential for not only injury prevention but also to help reach their athletic potential.