Runners and triathletes who participate in their sport as a professional or in their leisure time, like all those who engage in frequent and intense exercise, are at high risk of sustaining an injury. Many of the conditions specific to runners and triathletes occur as a result of repetitive use of particular muscles, tendons, and ligaments, which makes non-surgical chiropractic treatments well-suited to those who retain an involvement in running, swimming, and cycling.

Among the most common overuse injuries we see in runners at Midland Sports Rehab and Sports Rehab is plantar fasciitis, a painful condition which occurs when heel tissue becomes torn and inflamed. Like iliotibial band syndrome, an injury found in runners and cyclists that causes knee pain, it can be treated by massage therapy and chiropractic adjustment. Although prone to the same conditions as runners, a triathlete’s participation in the additional activities of swimming and cycling makes them susceptible to a broader range of injuries. The pain and a lack of mobility experienced by sufferers of Swimmer’s Shoulder are mirrored in cyclists suffering from lower back and hand pain. By completing a thorough evaluation of each patient to establish the precise nature of their condition, Dr. Jeff Berard can prescribe a course of adjustments for the short-term benefit of pain relief and the long-term goals of restored functionality and a return to the sport.

While many overuse injuries in runners and triathletes can be traced back to dysfunction in a particular joint, a weak core is often a contributory factor to chronic conditions. As such, our expertise in core and spine strengthening exercises can be particularly useful when it comes to administering comprehensive treatment for overuse problems. Runners in particular can suffer from a weak core, while an unstable torso is a leading trigger of shoulder complaints in swimmers and lower back pain in cyclists. By improving core stability, chiropractic treatments can act as a preventative measure against future injury, as well as improving existing strength and mobility, allowing athletes to be more competitive in their respective fields.

Although chiropractic care can be especially beneficial to runners and triathletes suffering from chronic injuries as a result of overuse, the same treatment methods are also applicable to acute injuries sustained while running, swimming or cycling. Ankle sprains are commonplace in runners, while the threat of dislocating a shoulder in the pool or falling off the bicycle is prevalent among those who train for and compete in triathlons. A sudden injury should always be followed by a visit to the doctor to rule out the possibility of a fracture, but once this has been clarified, treatments such as chiropractic readjustment and massage can be enlisted to reduce pain, diminish inflammation, and accelerate the healing process.

Dr. Jeff Berard has used rehabilitative treatments like Active Release Techniques while working with professional sports organizations such as the Miami Dolphins and the Miami Heat dancers to treat injuries and improve their overall performance.

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