The repetitive swing movements performed by golfers can render them highly susceptible to a range of overuse injuries. Traumatic injuries, while less common, can also occur, and are often traceable to erroneous technique. While pain-killing and anti-inflammatory drugs are frequently used by golfers to mask the full extent of injuries sustained out on the fairway, chiropractic services have the potential to provide a more penetrating, long-term solution to such sport-related injuries.

Perhaps the most common of all overuse injuries witnessed in golfers is lower back pain, which is typically caused by the deviation of vertebrae from their correct position with each swing of the golf club. In the long-term, this kind of soft tissue damage in the back and spinal region can develop into a more serious chronic condition, such as disc herniation or sciatica. Golfer’s elbow is another frequent impairment which occurs when the tendons of the arm inflame at the point of the elbow, while wrist injuries are equally commonplace because of the need to constantly grip the club. Dr. Berard’s ability as a chiropractor to manipulate joints and free nerves from pressure can treat these conditions in order to reduce pain, diminish inflammation, and restore functionality to the affected area.

Many of the most common overuse injuries faced by golfers – most notably back, knee, and shoulder pain – stem from a lack of core strength and stability. Because Midland Sports Rehab specializes in the spine and core, we can examine, evaluate, and realign the vertebrae and supporting soft tissue to make other body parts less vulnerable to injury by providing them with improved stability and mobility. As well as experiencing a reduction or complete disappearance of the pain that accompanies each swing, golfers who subscribe to chiropractic services will receive the added benefit of a more mobile swinging motion that helps to produce more powerful and consistent shots.

In addition to joint adjustment, we can offer golfers a host of preventative treatments that will enable them to maintain a successful, pain-free swing from the present day through to old age. Dr. Berard and staff can draw on their extensive knowledge of the neuromusculoskeletal system to study a golfer’s swing and offer advice on how it can be adapted to reduce the scope for future chronic back and spine injury – chiefly by inciting them to adopt a posture that does not cause the spine to diverge from its proper placement. When pursued in conjunction with massage therapy and personal fitness training, chiropractic care can deliver a comprehensive program based around adjustments, massage, exercise, and nutrition that will prevent injury and enhance performance.
Dr. Jeff Berard has used sports rehab treatments like Active Release Techniques on professional sports organizations such as the Miami Dolphins and the Miami Heat dancers to treat injuries and improve their overall performance.

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