Corporate wellness incorporating chiropractic treatments, massage therapy, and personal fitness training is designed to improve the health and well-being of a business’ workforce. This kind of wellness program is tailored to fit the kind of treatments employees operating in a particular environment are likely to require. Chiropractic adjustments are especially useful for manual or office workers, while access to massage therapy is highly desirable for employees functioning in a physical or high-stress setting. Personal fitness training, meanwhile, can prove profitable for any business owner who wishes to keep productivity levels up and medical costs down by enhancing the general fitness of all staff members.

One of the main benefits received by businesses that pursue a corporate wellness program with Midland Sports Rehab is the prevention of future ill health within their workforce. Ensuring that employees do not suffer from burnout or neglect their personal fitness means drops in productivity are less likely to occur, while valuable employees with existing health conditions can continue to perform an important role within a company when granted easy access to comprehensive on-site care. It is also recognized that businesses offering corporate wellness plans are more attractive to prospective job applicants from the outside, as well as being in a stronger position to retain personnel on the inside.

In an office setting, those working extensively with computers are at high risk of developing repetitive strain injury (RSI), which may manifest itself in the form of acute neck, back, and wrist pain as soft tissue becomes damaged due to overuse. Chiropractic treatments are frequently used as a remedy for this condition, with slight adjustments to the affected joints restoring functionality and, especially when combined with massage therapy, helping to relieve pain. The medical staff at Midland Sports Rehab can also employ their expertise to deliver advice on maintaining good posture in the working environment so that the risk of developing more chronic impairments is minimized, which in turn reduces the scope for future absenteeism.

Individual employees directly benefit from having access to a corporate wellness program delivering chiropractic treatments, massage therapy, and personal fitness training in their workplace, but the advantages of having a fit, healthy, and ultimately productive workforce extend far beyond this. As well as the reduction in healthcare costs that investment in a corporate wellness program can bring, a staff team in good health is one with improved performance, better attendance, and higher morale. Many employers recognize the potential for this combination of factors to deliver a sizable boost towards meeting business-wide targets in an increasingly competitive corporate world.

Dr. Jeff Berard has used treatments such as Active Release Techniques on professional sports organizations such as the Miami Dolphins and the Miami Heat dancers to treat injuries and improve their overall performance.

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