Massage therapy involves the application of pressure to the skin, muscles, and other tissues to improve functionality, alleviate pain, accelerate healing, and enhance general physical and mental well-being. Depending on the unique circumstances of each patient, the technique employed by a massage therapist at Midland Sports Rehab can vary from a gentler Swedish-style approach to a more penetrating deep massage. The practitioner’s hands and fingers are the chief instruments in massage therapy, although forearms and elbows may also be used to achieve particular effects.

One of the main applications of massage therapy is for pain relief. Sufferers of lower back and spinal pain can find that their symptoms are lifted or lessened after they have received a course of massage treatment. For those with scarred soft tissue, massage can improve the rate of recovery by increasing the circulation of blood and nutrients to injured muscles, which can also reduce swelling. By assessing each patient individually, Dr. Berard is able to identify the point after an injury is sustained at which it is safe to begin this treatment.

Massage may be recognized primarily as a palliative or soothing treatment, but it is also understood to have numerous psychological benefits. This kind of therapy has been linked to a reduction in levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and equally to an increase in the release of endorphins – a natural improver of mood and a reliever of pain. Massage is also associated with improved sleeping habits and heightened alertness, and it is for these reasons that the therapy has been recommended as a potential treatment option to sufferers of anxiety and depression.

Massage therapy can be combined with other chiropractic services, chiefly spinal adjustment, to maximize its benefits. Although a treatment method in its own right, massage is recognized as a complementary therapy that can soften and relax muscles before they are realigned by a chiropractor. This can help the muscles and soft tissue supporting the spine to successfully adapt to their new positions, and encourages them to retain this correct alignment in the future.

Personal trainers may also recommend massage therapy to their clients because improved joint flexibility, enhanced circulation, and a reduction in muscle spasms are among its advantageous effects. Athletes can benefit from massage for the same reasons, while the relaxing and softening of the muscles post-exercise is indispensable to any professional or amateur sports player who needs to recover before undertaking preparation for their next competition or event. Massage is also effective in this regard as a preventative treatment, for it can warn-off next-day muscle stiffness when completed shortly after exercise.

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