A nutrition consultant can provide comprehensive advice about diet and its effects on health and well-being. The underlying objective of this kind of service is primarily to help patients meet particular weight goals – whether they wish to lose, gain or simply maintain or re-shape their body mass. Alternatively, health-conscious individuals who wish to sharpen their eating habits may choose to consult our nutrition consultant for detailed dietary analysis and guidance, while those who pursue competitive sport can seek dietary advice with the global aim of improving their performance. In any case, one-on-one nutrition counseling with Midland Sports Rehab is intended to provide a unique, customized service that is unmatched in terms of the specificity of the nutritional advice provided.

Concerns about nutrition should always be viewed in the broader context of a client’s life, including their work schedule, leisure activities, and exercise commitments. For this reason, combining the services of a nutrition consultant with those of a personal trainer can deliver a complete, well-rounded service that maximizes the positive results seen by the patient. The two most critical factors in weight management are nutrition and exercise, and thus harmonizing both services is the logical choice for many patients seeking improved health and fitness. Likewise, athletes preparing for a competitive event can reach optimum performance levels by ensuring their preparation covers the essential bases of diet and physical training. At Midland Sports Rehab, Kristin Berard, DFAC Figure Pro, can assist patients with customized nutritional and fitness plans to help them reach, and even exceed, their goals.

One of the main benefits experienced by patients who hire a nutrition consultant and personal trainer like Kristin is the highly personalized service. Many commercial diets and fitness regimes market themselves as offering a universal solution to weight problems. This catch-all approach neglects the subtleties of each individual’s circumstances, making the achievement of challenging weight and fitness goals exponentially more difficult. By carrying out a thorough assessment of her client’s eating habits, dieting record, and exercise history, Kristin can compile a customized meal and exercise plan that the patient is likely to adhere to and benefit from.

While the tailor-made approach is integral to the success of nutrition and personal fitness counseling, there are more benefits to consulting a nutrition and fitness expert than having a custom-built regime. It also ensures that clients have access to realistic diet and exercise programs that are consistent with their own expectations about weight management. The psychological benefits of nutritional analysis and personal fitness training include increased motivation to reach goals and accountability to comply with the dietary and exercise steps prescribed. The great advantage of this method is the increased likelihood of meeting weight and fitness targets than when working alone.

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