Personal fitness training is designed to provide clients with a customized exercise program that will enable them to reach specific short and long-term fitness goals. Kristin Berard, DFAC Figure Pro, hosts a consultation with each individual trainee, evaluates their existing condition, and creates a scheme of physical training, motivation, and education that is uniquely tailored to their needs. Approaching physical activity through the personal fitness approach is considered to hold a number of advantages over training individually.

Enlisting a personal trainer is recognized as being one of the most efficient routes to increased fitness because clients receive the technical instruction required for them to perform exercises correctly. Poor technique when completing repetitions or lifting weights can diminish the effectiveness of the activity in question, as well as put the participant at an increased risk of injury. The expertise of Kristin, regarding proper form, therefore ensures that the fitness-building potential of every exercise undertaken is maximized, which means that fitness goals can be attained in a shorter time frame with less wasted energy.

Another common advantage of personal fitness training concerns the trainer’s in-depth understanding of the outcomes produced by various exercises. Once the client has communicated their immediate and long-term goals to Kristin, it is possible for an exercise program to be devised that best addresses the client’s precise aims. It is Kristin’s sophisticated appreciation of the effects of different combinations of cardiovascular and weight-training exercises that allows training programs to be streamlined. With the emphasis placed on those activities that will deliver the most tangible results, those that are largely ineffective for the fitness gains being targeted can be avoided.

Similarly, clients training to improve their aptitude for a particular sport can use personal fitness training to focus on enhancing the skills that are particularly instrumental to their chosen activity. While training with Kristin, she will be able to recommend a specific exercise to a client that will exponentially increase their capacity to perform a given movement or shot, and can help to directly address the trainee’s weaknesses as a competitor in their field. Personal fitness training can also serve to enhance the productivity of the remaining training period before a particular event or competition. Access to a personal trainer can deliver psychological benefits such as accountability and increased motivation, but it is the scientific aspect of the trainer’s work that is frequently underestimated regarding their ability to help clients meet challenging targets.

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