Midland Sports Rehab offers Pilates for all types of clients from young to old, pre and post rehab and surgery, recreational movers to top athletes and more. Our Pilates instructor works with everyone based on their needs, capabilities and goals. We offer private and semi-private sessions daily and use the Cadillac, Reformer, Chair, and Barrels to incorporate a full body training session.

Practicing Pilates with the right form and consistency, makes it a method of exercise like no other – it correctly develops all parts of the body making it strong, functional, and correctly structured. With regular practice, how you look and how you move eventually become a part of who you are, so you can work and play with ease and truly live your best life.

To get the full benefits of Pilates, you need to make sure that you’re actually doing Pilates, as was created by Joseph Pilates. When practiced correctly, repeating the exercises in a certain order, makes the Pilates system a movement philosophy as well as a a powerful method of exercise. The Pilates method aims to teach students how to restructure and re-pattern their bodies into ones that are uniformly strong and functional. Both the repetition and the order of the Pilates exercises also allows the mind to focus and help the nervous system create lasting physical change.

The order of exercises is designed to correctly develop all parts of the body as well as cultivate coordination between the parts. The exercises strengthen, stretch and teach how to control all of the body’s major joints and muscles — especially those that surround the spine and hips – the area of the body Joseph Pilates called the “Powerhouse”.

Often during Pilates session, students have break-through experiences where they feel muscles they never knew they had. As these under-developed muscles become stronger, chronically overly-used and tense muscles subsequently release.

The beautiful thing about Pilates is that it constantly challenges. Private sessions give our students the opportunity to develop both movement skills and confidence. Each session is different and teaches different skills. As the skills become second nature, the body (and the mind) become ready for the next level of challenge.

We don’t want to over-simplify, but if you want a short-hand list, here it is:

  • works the whole body mind-body
  • exercises with meditative qualities
  • helps breathe better, fuller, and deeper
  • develops a strong core to support and decompress your spine
  • a beautiful balance between flexibility and strength
  • creates body-mind awareness and channels energy
  • a practice you can do safely and with constant progress and challenge for the rest of your life