Spine and core strengthening exercises are designed to bring stability and protection to the spinal column. Anatomically, the ‘core’ is understood to refer to the group of muscles including the transversus abdominis, pelvic floor muscles, and diaphragm, which together bring support and coordination to the abdomen, lower back, and spine. These muscles are typically underused, and the goal of spine and core strengthening is to engage them in such a way that they become more durable and effective.

Spine and core strengthening exercises may be used in conjunction with a course of chiropractic adjustment. The purpose of this therapy is to keep the spine in its proper place by correcting the alignment of vertebrae in order to bring about normal mobility and functionality. To ensure that the benefits of such chiropractic treatments continue to be witnessed long-term, it is important for patients to follow a program of spine and core strengthening, as prescribed by Dr. Berard, so that the spinal column retains its stability when regular daily activity and physical exercise are resumed after a period of injury.

Patients with existing health conditions may benefit from spine and core strengthening exercises, as such methods can be used to counteract back pain caused by damage sustained to the muscles, ligaments, and bones supporting the spinal column. Injuries of this nature are often suffered while playing sports or from accidents at home, on the road or in the workplace, although they may also be apparent in those with chronic health problems such as multiple sclerosis and arthritis. Before recommending a particular course of spinal adjustment and assisting patients with certain core strengthening exercises, Dr. Berard will complete a thorough assessment of each patient’s condition in order to establish the exact nature of the rehabilitation they require.

Exercises which strengthen the spine and rest of the core can also be used as a preventative measure in those who are currently in good health. Learning to engage the core muscles with the guidance of a chiropractor can improve the endurance of the lower back and spine, reducing the risk of future injury and decreasing feelings of muscle fatigue. Providing the spine is in the correct natural position – which Dr. Berard can ensure by means of spinal adjustment – the objective of strengthening exercises should be to keep it in this condition. To achieve this, our trained medical staff will support the patient through a range of different exercises, beginning with the basic but fundamental contraction of the core muscles. From here, a number of stretches, twists, and crunches may be encouraged, depending on the unique circumstances of the patient.

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