The primary concern of sports injury rehabilitation is to restore those who have sustained an injury while participating in a sport to a condition where they are able to resume their involvement. At the least, the objective of such treatment is to return a patient to normal mobility levels and alleviate pain. Dr. Jeff Berard’s expertise in the structure and operations of the neuromusculoskeletal system renders him an important figure in the field of sports injuries rehabilitation, because the majority of bodily damage endured while playing sport directly affects one or more of the nerves, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones.

The diversity of sports pursued in today’s world manifests itself in the variety of patients and injuries that we encounter in our daily work at Midland Sports Rehab. Professional athletes, amateur competitors, and hobbyists may all benefit from a consultation with a chiropractor at Midland Sports Rehab should they become injured pursuing their chosen sport. Some of the sports injuries treated by the chiropractic method include muscle tears, ligament damage, tendinitis, and broken bones. Injuries acquired suddenly or as a result of overuse alike can be evaluated, diagnosed, and then treated by one of our expert chiropractic physicians.

Dr. Berard will carry out a complete assessment of each patient’s condition before proceeding with any form of physical intervention. At this preliminary stage the chiropractor will seek to establish the nature and extent of the sports injury suffered, which will in turn inform the program of treatment prescribed. Depending on the type of sports injury being rehabilitated, joint and soft tissue manipulation are among the most common remedial methods used by the chiropractors at Midland Sports Rehab. In the case of less severe injuries, some form of muscle relaxation or stretching may be all that is required to vastly advance the patient’s condition. Alternative treatments include muscle taping and exercise prescriptions, while nutritional advice may also be administered to accelerate recovery and ensure that it is long lasting.

As well as restoring a joint or soft tissue to its former functioning, so that daily activities and participation in sport may be undertaken once more, the rehabilitation of sports injuries through chiropractic care can enhance the long-term performance of particular muscles, tendons, and ligaments. By increasing the strength of a muscle, Dr. Berard can help patients to reduce their risk of experiencing recurring injuries. Reflex times can also be improved, which shows that chiropractic care can help some athletes to reach a higher level of performance after treatment than ever reached prior to sustaining their injury.

Dr. Jeff Berard has used such sports rehab treatments as Active Release Techniques while working with professional sports organizations like the Miami Dolphins and the Miami Heat dancers to treat injuries and improve their overall performance.

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