The repetitive nature of weightlifting means that overuse injuries are commonplace among competitors in the field. Given the amount of pressure they are placed under during a weightlifting session, the shoulders, back, and knees are especially susceptible to the development of chronic conditions, which may result in severe pain and a loss of functionality. Chiropractic treatment methods here at Midland Sports Rehab and Sports Rehab are highly sought after by many weightlifters because of the integral role played by conservative joint adjustments in tackling chronic soft tissue damage and promoting a strong, stable spine and core.

Among the most common overuse injuries sustained by weightlifters are general neck, back, and knee pain caused by soft tissue scarring, patellar and Achilles tendinitis, shoulder impingement syndrome, disc herniation, and nerve damage. Those who participate in CrossFit, a mixture of strength and conditioning exercises incorporating weightlifting, powerlifting, running and jogging, are also prone to such chronic health problems. Our chiropractic services have renowned benefits in the treatment of damage sustained to the neuromusculoskeletal system and, once enlisted, our trained medical staff can thoroughly examine a weightlifting or CrossFit patient before prescribing a tailor-made program of joint adjustment, massage therapy, and exercise to counteract pain and trigger a return to full mobility.

It is not uncommon for the neck, back, and knee pain experienced by weightlifters and CrossFit trainers to be traceable to spinal subluxation, which has an inhibiting effect on nerve tissue. We are highly adept at identifying both joint and nerve dysfunction, and can employ a variety of manipulative treatments – without reliance upon medications or surgery – to correct any misaligned joints and relieve nerves of unnatural pressure. In the immediate term, patients should witness pain being diminished and swelling being reduced. The ultimate objective of chiropractic treatments for overuse conditions, however, is to restore functionality to areas of the body that would otherwise face severe limitations, allowing participation in weightlifting and CrossFit to be resumed.

As well as proving an effective treatment for injuries that have already occurred, chiropractic adjustment, and associated methods such as massage therapy, can act as a preventative measure against future injury. Combining strength training with frequent visits to the chiropractor can improve the general health, strength, and mobility of soft tissue, potentially improving weightlifting or CrossFit performance exponentially. To maximize the chances of staying injury-free, those who pursue weightlifting and CrossFit are well advised to seek advice from a physical therapist or personal fitness trainer about correct technique. Improper form is one of the leading causes of both acute and chronic injury when completing strength training, but a combination of chiropractic care and strong technique can greatly enhance fitness, mobility and therefore performance.

Dr. Jeff Berard has used sports rehab treatments like Active Release Techniques while working with professional sports organizations such as the Miami Dolphins and the Miami Heat dancers to treat injuries and improve their overall performance.

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