Desk Bound

In a time where sitting is essential with work and school productivity, it’s easy to become desk bound! In this months issue we discuss the negative side effects of being “desk bound” in both students and adults. Learn how to combat the effects of a sedentary lifestyle… and STAND UP FOR YOUR HEALTH!!!

One of the best resources when dealing with desk sitting is assisted stretching. Assisted stretching improves circulation and loosens tight muscles derived from sedentary lifestyles. At Midland Sports Rehab and Freeland Sports Rehab, initial stretch sessions are 100% free of charge.

Lastly, with 2023 winding to an end, get the most out of your insurance! With your annual deductible already met, receive quality care without having to worry about large out-of-pocket expenses! Plus, HSA/FSA accounts can be used for all services too!