Moving Freely

In this month’s newsletter, learn about our newest technology: Kinotek!

Did you know that over 90% of the population has muscle imbalances? These imbalances are often caused by habits like sleeping on one side, carrying a purse with the same arm, or consistently crossing your legs the same way. With our cutting-edge Kinotek technology, we can prevent these imbalances from leading to future pain or injury through data-driven rehabilitation. Utilizing Lidar technology to scan your body movements, we can identify musculoskeletal imbalances, joint dysfunctions, and postural issues that may lead to discomfort in the future.

Discover how Kinotek data can be used to tailor your treatment plan, optimizing your rehabilitation for the best possible results. At Midland Sports Rehab and Freeland Sports Rehab, your treatment is customized to meet YOUR body’s unique needs.