Head Strong

It is back-to-school season! Which means… school sports are starting up! As students gear up to hit the field, court, and track, we highlight the hidden risks associated with playing a sport: head injuries. Learn about concussions, safety precautions, and the road to recovery when sustaining a concussion. With proper concussion education, athletes are better equipped to compete to their fullest potential!

One of the best resources when dealing with a head injury is Athletic Trainers. This year, Midland Sports Rehab & Freeland Sports Rehab is supplying Midland Public Schools with Athletic Trainers to treat athletes in school! In this months edition, meet Kayla, Dow High’s new athletic trainer!

Lastly, don’t forget to view the details on our clinics newest service: Athletic Training Services!

*A special thanks to Midland Daily News for supplying images for this months newsletter, “Head Strong.”*