Protect & Preserve

It’s no secret that public safety officers put their lives and bodies on the line to keep the community safe. But, the very equipment that is meant to keep them safe from injury actually exposes their bodies to other risk factors: overuse and stress injuries. Did you know that a police officers’ safety vest adds an additional 20-30lbs of stress on their spine? Without preventative care, this stress will eventually lead to future pain and injury.

In lieu of the patriotic spirit July brings, our expert chiropractors give insight on how to combat the risks associated with being a public safety officer. Then, after exploring the importance of preventative care and how to protect & preserve your health, learn about all the events and offerings coming up this month in the surrounding areas that you do NOT want to miss out on!

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*A special thanks to Bridgeport PD for allowing us to photograph and feature them in this months “Protect & Preserve” newsletter!*