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Client Testimonials

Before starting physical therapy, I could not do any running, jumping, leaping, sitting on my knees, or sitting cross-leg. Now I can do all of the above with hardly any pain. I like that I can do all of my exercises at home and school also. In the few appointments I have had, I have felt a significant amount of progress in my recovery and increase in my strength.

Emilia G

I have been dealing with pain when I sit, stand or ride in a car. I also could not sleep without pain. I felt disabled. After physical therapy I am able to do all of these reasonably well, especially sleep. I feel like I have my life back. I am mobile again! Thank you! The gals up front are awesome too!!

Leslie A

Both of my knees started to give me pain and discomfort. They would ache and wake me in the middle of the night. After physical therapy here at Midland Sports Rehab I feel so much better and know continuing my exercises at home will keep me feeling great. The staff at the facility are very friendly and helpful.

Donna M

I came into therapy in a wheelchair after a fall off my deck. After two visits I graduated from a wheelchair to a cane. It then quickly progressed to no cane and as I leave after four weeks of therapy, I am forever grateful to the doctor and the entire staff at Midland Sports Rehab. I will definitely recommend this facility. Thank You!!

Joan B

I couldn't believe how far I have come since surgery! I could hardly walk when I entered here on my first day of therapy. Look at me now! I am able to do yard work, drive to Chicago, etc. Only 3 weeks since arthroscopic knee surgery.

Jeanne P

I had tried Physical Therapy at a different location and felt like my condition actually worsened. I heard about Midland Sports Rehab from a couples of friends and with the ability of seeing a doctor first, it was an easy choice to make. I felt like the doctor listened to my concerns and addressed my problem. Starting at a point where I couldn't walk without pain to hiking two miles with no pain-priceless.

Diane P

I wouldn't have wanted to spend my rehab time anywhere else! The care that I have received here has been amazing. When I first started here, I was barely able to bend my leg, let alone squat, jump, lunge or jog. Now I am able to do all of those things pretty well. I am continuing to regain muscle and balance. My time here has really paid off and I am happy with the progress I have made!

Alayna H

Midland Sports Rehab is a fantastic resource for our community! The entire staff works together to identify and resolve your issues. Each person that I have met has been attentive, professional, dedicated and caring. Dr. Berard takes the time to listen to his patients and offers a clear explanation of the issue and the range of treatment options. My experience at this facility has been outstanding and I highly recommend Dr. Berard and his knowledgeable team.

Shelly K

I started going to Midland Sports Rehab a little over a year ago for lower back pain and numbness in my hips and legs. Dr. Berard started giving me regular adjustments and I have supplemented that treatment with strength training and massage therapy. The treatments I have received from Dr. Berard, Jake, Mike and Sam have been outstanding. All aspects of my care have been designed with short and long-term treatment goals to meet my specific needs. The office staff are friendly and accommodating. The updates to the facility have only made the experience better, from the new equipment, clean bathrooms and added workout space. I couldn't be happier with my progress and highly recommend Midland Sports Rehab to all those in need of improved physical care and qualified assistance with health management issues.

Laura K

The entire staff at Midland Sports Rehab has been there for me since day one. They are kind, respectful, supportive and interact and communicate to lead you to a path of whole body wellness. They quickly got me back to my normal daily life after my injury and reduced my pain swiftly. From adjustments with Jeff, massages with ANY of the massage therapists, to the easy scheduling with the front desk. I am beyond impressed and on a path to true wellness.

Blair S

I first attended Midland Sports Rehab in 2012 for sciatica pain and numbness in right foot. The issue was resolved after a few visits with the physical therapist. In July 2017 the sciatica pain returned and I also experienced a dropped foot. A few visits to the physical therapist reduced the pain significantly. I had back surgery in August 2017 and returned to the rehab center for therapy post-surgery. I worked with Janelle in massage, Haiyan for acupuncture and Dr. Berard for adjustments. I have noticed a significant improvement with my dropped foot. I will continue with this practice because this is the best care I have received in the area. Appointments are on time, billing is prompt and the facility is immaculate. The entire staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and professional.

Steve H

I have been suffering with a low back injury since 2011. When I became a patient one year ago I could hardly walk into the office. After having physical therapy, decompression treatments and acupuncture I have improved so much. I am still having the decompression and acupuncture treatments two times a month and when I leave I have less pain each time. Having the above treatments are really paying off and I am so grateful. You couldn't ask for a nicer, compassionate staff of professionals. I would highly recommend setting up your first appointment with Dr. Berard because he will not steer you wrong. He will make sure you have the treatment that is essential to your health needs.

Vickie L

I have been coming to see Sam for massage therapy since my car accident a couple years ago. She has helped so much with my pain management that I have not had back surgery. Sam is always professional and kind. She is so accommodating with her schedule and even works on Sundays. I would definitely recommend her!

Hilary J

I have two herniated discs and was involved in a head on motor vehicle accident. All of my muscles were torn apart. This team of amazing, professional trainers have helped me rebuild my muscles in a functional way that I never thought would be possible. They really take their time and care for each patient by building specific workouts for each client's needs. I am so blessed that I have this team who has helped me to have less pain and stronger muscles. Don't wait, come see this team as soon as possible.

Lauren R

I've been coming to see Samantha since 2014 for weekly massages. I am no longer a patient at the pain clinic for bi-monthly injections in my neck and am no longer suffering from daily migraines.

Cathy S

This team is compassionate and takes the time to listen to what your body needs. They have helped me get a ton of relief from my injuries and sore muscles. They are very knowledgeable and strive to always keep up with the latest trends. I am so grateful for this team and the help they've given to live a stress and pain free life.

Lauren R

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